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Farmers markets are essential businesses and many are proving to be a safer way to shop for fresh, healthy, local products. Markets are outside where the risk of getting COVID-19 is very small, they are set up with good social distancing, hand-washing/sanitizing stations are set up around the market, and local foods have touched less hands between producer and customer than in grocery stores. Rest assured our market is also working hard to provide a safer place to shop.

Due to COVID-19 and our current conditions, the market will be running as a shop and go market only. There will be NO events, or activities that encourage crowds to gather, at least for now. However, please know that markets all over the country are setting the bar for safer shopping experiences – they are outdoors, less surfaces to touch, more touchless payment options, food has touched less hands between producer and customer, and better social distancing. We are sad the market cannot be the social gathering place it’s known for, but we are happy we can still offer fresh, healthy, local foods in as safe a way as we can.

Information on safely shopping at our market during COVID-19

COVID-19 has NOT been shown to be spread by food.

However, if you are feeling sick or were recently exposed to COVID-19, please stay home!

PLEASE NOTE: First hour of the market (8am – 9am) is reserved for seniors and immune compromised.


  1. Anyone entering the market must have on a mask
  2. Stay at least 6 feet away from other people
  3. Customers will not be allowed to touch products. Point to what you want. Vendors will bag
  4. Please pay attention to market signs and follow instructions
  5. Customers will be required to wash their hands thoroughly at our hand washing station before entering the market
  6. Please be patient while shopping
  7. Avoid socializing beyond completing transactions
  8. Customers must leave the market as soon as their shopping is done
  9. Any food purchased at the market must be taken home to eat. No eating at the market
  10. Shoppers are encouraged to pre-order and pre-pay with vendors who offer that option. We will have a list of those vendors and contact information soon.


  1. Staff will be required to wear masks
  2. We will have extra hand washing/santizing stations set up
  3. Booths will be set up with 10 ft space in between
  4. There will be one way in, one way out, one direction around the market


  1. Vendors will be required to wear masks
  2. Vendors will offer touchless payment options when possible
  3. Vendors will have hand sanitizer at their booths

Thank you to our loyal customers. With your help and cooperation, the Ferguson Farmers Market can continue to be a source of fresh, healthy, local foods for our community. Let’s all look forward to when we can meet at community events again. Stay safe!